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If you donīt know about sketchcrawl, you can find about it here .

Iīve always been shy about drawing outdoors ("too artsie", "too pitoresque", "too..whathever"). But it was fun. Check it out.

The day

Iīve kept the day simple. Iīm not really fond of actually doing much on holiday (no beach, no moutain, no bugs biting me). So iīve had lunch with friends, spend time at home and a coffee shop and that was pretty much it. (And a movie afterwards, but no sketching on the dark for you.)

Lunch time

This is my friendīs house. Lots of antique stuff. First thing you see here is a zoom on a statue of a saint.

The actual cook and her kitchen.


More antique. Some paintings on the wall.

Back at home. I listen to and draw my vinil/CDs.

At the coffeeshop. This is tricky. To draw people and not to draw too much attention. Or: How to be a thief.

We end at the movies. I fall in love with some girlīs feet (as usual) and there is a kiss, a happy ending. (but itīs not me doing the kissing.)